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A social project to help people with everyday skills.

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Fund Your Independence

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The right job gives you purpose, grows your confidence, and provides money toward your dreams. Learn how to land jobs and launch your career.


Build a foundation for your life

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Get the knowledge you need to create your life. These tips will help you get on track.

Life Skills
How to cook, clean, and go where you want

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Mastering everyday life skills makes life easier and smoother. Pick up all the things you didn’t catch when you were growing up.

Photo of a couple doing the Charlston.

Money Management
Get more, keep more, and help it grow to fuel your freedom

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A little money can go a long way toward your future when you manage it wisely and you start early. Learn key money moves to shape your future.

The experience you need

Gain the tools and confidence to grow and promote yourself and propel your success! With the guidance of someone who has been through it before, you can expand your knowledge, network, and opportunities. There’s no need to go it alone!


Our Mentor Match program will help you establish a 1:1 relationship with someone experienced and who has similar life and work goals as yours. Short term or long term, it is up to you.

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