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My name is Christian Johanneson and I've spent the last 30 years as an executive in the technology industry working for companies like Compaq, HP, Microsoft, and Google.  Most of this time was helping retailers like Microsoft, Best Buy, Amazon, etc have amazing websites.  I had the idea one day to buy the URL because I thought we were in a renaissance and this site could contribute something to the world's reemergence to being together, having parties, and getting out.   


In this process, my wife had the amazing idea to create a place where people in their 20s could learn about life and how to get stuff done.  Then my son said we should start a YouTube channel.  This project isn't about making money, this is about helping people get the information they need to roar from people who have been there/done that.

My Story

Dating back to my first computer I had as a kid - TI994A, I was intrigued by the promise that technology can have on the world. After starting my career at Edelman PR, I joined a startup technology consulting company that afforded me the flexibility and runway to quickly become an expert in enterprise system strategy and get close to what I believed was the future.

After stints with internet startups and leading a large sales team at Compaq and HP, I landed at Microsoft in 2002. At that time, technology wasn’t advanced enough to deliver consumer innovation at scale. However, The past decade has seen the convergence of enterprise systems and consumer experience. In hindsight, my early career experiences primed me for this shift.

My job at Microsoft evolved over the years; from business development leading global partnerships to consumer marketing and retail channel development focusing on global digital marketing campaigns. The best part of my job was dreaming of new innovations that would accelerate the way consumers buy Microsoft products.

After leaving Microsoft I joined a consumer electronics innovation agency. This role gave me the opportunity to lead from the front and tied together all of my previous experience into one highly accountable role.

In my current role at Google I am on the leading edge of technology in a fast paced inclusive culture that values big thinking and impact. By working with the world’s largest consumer electronics companies to define analytics-based marketing campaigns I’m an integral part of changing the advertising industry.

I get my energy from working in an open environment that values creativity aligned with good business sense. Whenever I can, I enjoy tinkering with the technology in my connected home, taking care of my hobby farm, practicing yoga, overlanding, riding dirt bikes and spending time with my family. I hold a degree from Northern Michigan University and advanced education from Kellogg School of Management and The Wharton School.


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