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How do I land a job?

  • Interview like a pro (YouTube)

  • How to get the job you want (YouTube)

  • Short videos - UGC of how people got their jobs

  • Create a resume (YouTube)

  • LinkedIn profile

  • Resume review 

  • Importance of relationships/networking  (YouTube)   


I  have a job, now what?

  • How to balance work / life

  • How to dress for an interview / work

  • How to get along and work with others

  • How to pack for a work trip

  • Company events - do’s and don’ts


How do I get promoted/make more money?

  • Know what you are worth

  • Building your brand

  • How to promote yourself

  • Profitable side hustles

  • Start a business


Search for a job

  • How to leverage job sites to find a job for you (search/algorithm/etc)

  • Job Search (API to LI/Indeed)

  • Post a job (via LI/Indeed)

  • Post my resume (or link to LI page), some kind of a way for people to learn about you

Old photo of a guy flying an airplane.
Old photo of a boxer.


Gaining knowledge to be who you want to be

  • Do I need more education to do what I want?

  • How to get certified in HVAC, plumbing, electrician, building, and other trades

  • How to pick a major

  • Is grad school right for me? Certificates?

  • How to succeed at school


What can I do with my skills/degree?

  • What kind of jobs can I get with my education (Matching algorithm, or categorization db)

  • How do I build a career with my education and skills?

  • Career tracks of famous people famous or vp’s in specific industries

Ideas for Content

These are some initial ideas we had for videos.  If you have an idea, send me a message.  If you want to do a video, send me a message.  I'd love to hear from you.

Life Skills

  • A roof overhead

    • How to find and rent an apartment Moving to a new city?

    • What can I afford?

    • Red flags in a lease

    • Should I buy a house?

    • Living with roommates now

    • How to be a good houseguest (3 day or 10 day)

  • Feed thyself

    • How to Cook (YouTube)

    • Eating out - how to order, pay, tip, etc

    • Eating healthy

    • Wine suggestions to pair with various foods

    • Pantry essentials

    • Three quick meals to serve for last minute guest/date at home

    • Efficient grocery shopping

    • How to make top 5 cocktails

    • Wine - how to order not sound like an idiot

  • Around your home

    • How to organize your home

    • How to clean

    • How to do your Laundry/Drycleaning (YouTube)

    • How to iron

    • How to fix stuff 10 tools every homeowner needs

  • How to get where you need to go

    • Car payments, insurance, repair, company reimbursement  (YouTube)

    • Public transportation - maybe do this by city for instance how to manage the NYC or Chicago systems (YouTube)

  • Stay healthy

    • Exercise – to club or not to club?

    • OTC meds to keep on hand

    • Health Insurance 101

    • Seeing the doctor or dentist

  • Social

    • Finding and keeping friends

    • Importance of your social presence

    • Dating, who pays for what, where do I find people?

    • Finding new hobbies

  • How to plan a vacation

  • Making the most of your weekends

  • Online behavior

    • ​Writing an effective good - or bad- online review

  • How to handle yourself at a resturant

    • ​Splitting the check or effective tipping

Photo of a kid holding a fishing pole.
Photo of a couple doing the Charlston.

Money Management

  • Essential money tools

    • Budget (how to budget, what to budget for and how to stay on budget)

    • Why your credit score matters and how to increase it

    • How to save money and why it is important (YouTube) emergency fund?

    • Checking/Savings Account (YouTube)

    • Credit Cards (YouTube) - also best cards for 20’s and why

    • What are your money goals?

  • Pay your debts

    • Education loan payoff (consequences to not paying, paying off early, etc)

    • Car loans

    • Get a mortgage (how interest rates work)

    • Best credit card for you

  • Supercharge your retirement now

    • Retirement Saving (YouTube)

    • 401K

    • Do you need a Roth?

  • Health Insurance

    • Are you covered?

    • Health insurance 101

    • How to use a Health Savings Account

    • Making the most of your FSA

  • Investing

    • Know the basics of investing

    • How to get started

  • How risky are you?


Gain the tools and confidence to grow and promote yourself and propel your success! With the guidance of someone who has been through it before, you can expand your knowledge, network, and opportunities. There’s no need to go it alone!


Our Mentor Match program will help you establish a 1:1 relationship with someone experienced and who has similar life and work goals as yours. Short term or long term, it is up to you.

Old photo of two guys flying a plane.

If you have any ideas or want to contribute, let me know.

Thanks for submitting!

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